FORMER DIRECTOR – Smt. Meenakshi Balakrishnan

In the year 1975, our visionary FOUNDER MOTHER breathed her last. A bright light that had shone on for many years and shown the path to many had been blown out. It took another trailblazing woman, her daughter, Mrs. Meenakshi Balakrishnan, to carry forward a legacy that was committed to serving society and its children.

Fondly referred to as MOTHER, Mrs. Meenakshi Balakrishnan had such a lasting impact on anyone who came into her touch, that to this day, the values and ideas espoused by her continue to serve as the cornerstone of the Kumaran way of life and learning.

When she donned the role of an academician, she didn’t feel burdened even for a moment as she strongly believed that it was better to commit mistakes and learn rather than depend on someone else to do the job and never learn. So, she embarked on a journey with a will to persevere through even the most trying of circumstances.

Under her, Kumarans grew and blossomed. The PU college, ICSE and the CBSE schools were started by her with a view to serve every echelon of the society. MOTHER, however was not happy to rest on her laurels. She was committed to promoting new ideas and methods of teaching among teachers and retaining old values and principles in children.  Her penchant for new ideas was so strong that at a time when most schools focussed on academics, she insisted on promoting cultural fests and other extra-curricular activities. She strongly believed that these activities allowed children to realize their dreams and their leadership qualities.

In her role as the Director of the Kumarans group of institutions, MOTHER was known as a disciplinarian and perfectionist. Not many knew about that beneath her much talked about gravitas lay a childlike heart. On outings with children, she would often sing and dance with them and stop by a water body to let the children play. She was also known for being concerned about the well-being of her colleagues and staff. Many reminisce MOTHER offering her personal time and contacts when they had taken ill.

While she carried out her mother’s visions and dreams during her lifetime, she had one of her own – to have an old age home next to the school. This was so that the ‘future’ could draw its brilliance from the venerable and illustrious ‘past’. It is a dream, that her daughter, Mrs. Deepa Sridhar, hopes to achieve.

In her role as an administrator, philosopher, mentor and friend, MOTHER ended up dedicating a large part of her personal time to Kumarans. In fact, she served the institution till the very end of her life. At home, she was always an affectionate and efficient mother, grandmother and a wonderful hostess.

For all this and more, MOTHER was an indomitable spirit, a Shakti that continues to look over Kumarans.