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“Memories linger. Sweet memories linger longer.”

Kumarans has grown exponentially  in the last sixty years, and so has its student population. Our students have disseminated the values of a true Kumaranite even as they have risen to the helms of their professions. Today our glittering alumni can boast of several CEOs, CFOs, actors, business people, doctors, and software professionals who have made remarkable achievements in their respective fields.

To commemorate the strong connections that have been fostered over sixty years of our progress as an institution, we invite our former students to reconnect with their Alma Mater. Our adult engagements today with busy careers or families often leave us little time or space for friends who have drifted away or those caught up in the swirls of their own life. Joining the school alumni can be your path back to your merry days of lunch fights, boring classes, exciting lectures, cheers and baskets at the sports ground or maybe this can be just a walk down the bitter sweet memory lane.

For us too as a school, we would gain valuable insight into where and what our alumni are doing worldwide. As you win laurels in your many endeavours, we would love to celebrate your successes and walk with you in your glory. So if you are in Bangalore please do not hesitate to drop by and see us. We would love to hear from you all about you. And yes, do spread the good word.


Mrs. Deepa Sridhar
Director – Academics