FOUNDER MOTHER – Smt. R. Anasuya Devi

Greatness manifests in the world around us through the indelible imprint of tremendous work left behind by special individuals who continue to be beacons of light- uplifting, guiding, and inspiring everybody. Our Founder Mother, the late Smt. R. Anasuya Devi, embodied such greatness that continues to nurture and envelope all who are blessed to be associated with Kumarans.

Effort, persistent determination, and an indefatigable spirit were unique qualities in our Founder Mother, Smt. R. Anasuya Devi that marked an exalted and exemplary life- a life well-lived, highlighted by remarkable achievement, unfaltering discipline and constant service to ensure the betterment of children and society.

R. Anasuya Devi was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu, on August 10, 1915. Her family instilled in her values that always held her in good stead. In 1935, she embarked on a momentous journey to Bangalore, with her mother and two young daughters, to begin life afresh, after a personal tragedy.

This journey was that of self-actualization, positive transformation, and absolute empowerment, in the face of extreme adversity. It was replete with slow and steady progress, victory against all odds, gradual phases of triumph punctuated by intense moments of struggle- eventually resulting in the glorious manifestation of a fiercely independent and truly resilient individual, one who veritably epitomized the motto of Kumarans- ‘Lead Kindly Light’.

R. Anasuya Devi realized that education was the key to a potentially bright future with unlimited opportunity and myriad possibility. She decided to join Mahila Seva Samaj to complete her high school education. She continued her education by enrolling in a Teachers’ training programme from Mysore and made herself proficient in various languages. She took on the mantle of the responsibility of her family and worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to provide for them. She worked in Acharya Pathasala and St. Joseph’s European School, observing and imbibing knowledge and skills all along the way. This was in preparation of a larger dream, for she nurtured a vision of having her own institution, an institution that would provide quality education to the children of South Bangalore.

The deity Lord Kumaran appeared to her in a dream, encouraging her to begin a school, one that would become a true temple of learning. By divine providence, her dream turned prophetic when she took the bold decision of starting a play home with only three little children in a single- bedroom rented house at Tata Silk Farm, in 1959. And the rest of the journey is legendary. The State Board School came into being in the year 1960. The PU College was established in 1991. The ICSE and CBSE streams were started in the year 1995. All the Sri Kumaran institutions are run along the lines of the vision of the late Smt. R. Anasuya Devi. The epitome of grace and dignity, her quiet, understated elegance, and noble demeanour inspired awe and respect in the people who had the good fortune to know her.

R. Anasuya Devi breathed her last on 8th January 1975, and continues to live on- a beautiful memory and an unforgettable presence in our lives. Even today her presence continues to be felt in the prayers that are rendered every morning, for she had personally chosen the melodious songs to be sung during the daily morning assembly.

Reaching for the sky, every single child of Kumarans learns to scale, soar, and surpass while endeavouring to uphold her noble values, and lofty ideals, creating and recreating a magnificent version of a glorious world made possible by her infinite grace. The State Board School came into being in the year 1960. The PU College was established in 1991. The ICSE and CBSE streams were started in the year 1995. Another CBSE school was started in the year 2013.