Our vision for the school is to be an excellent academy of global choice, emphasize upon Indian values, culture and provide opportunities for the holistic development of every child to face the challenges of a changing world.


  • Achieve Academic Excellence…………
    • By providing a congenial learning environment that goes beyond the realms of text books and class rooms, by using different strategies of learning making teaching and learning more meaningful.
    • By using a judicious blend of state-of-the-art technology and the invaluable contribution of the facilitator.
  • Achieve Excellence in co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
    • By providing opportunities to hone their social, artistic, cultural and literary skills through team learning.
    • By building sportsmanship and sense of competition through various activities in and outside the school.
    • By creating an awareness of personal well being in every individual.
  • Develop in each child……….
    • A sense of responsibility and accountability.
    • Qualities like sharing and caring, respect for law, Environment, society and for oneself.
  • Sensitise in each facilitator………..
    • To be world class, highly motivated and a continuous learner.
    • To be an inspiring leader, mentor and role model.
    • To have good work ethics and be professional in work.
  • Achieve Excellence in Education
    • Through Total Quality Management as a way of life and continuous improvement in all areas.

Values & Beliefs

S     Sincerity in achieving excellence and satisfying the expectations of all stake holders.

K     Kinship through good intra and inter personal relationships.

C     Commitment and integrity towards our work, by providing equal opportunities to all.

H     Harmony through harnessing the best in every individual in the school community.