Behaviour and Discipline
  • The college stresses a strict code in term of dress, demeanour and discipline.
  • The student shall be punctual and regular in attending all classes.
  • He / she shall have textbooks and notebooks for every subject.
  • Assignments should be completed and evaluated by the respective lecturers.
  • The tests / exams conducted by the college should be diligently attended by the students and should be considered as an intrinsic part of the learning process.
  • College property (be it benches, desk, books or lab equipment) will be treated with great care and consideration. Any damage or destruction shall be punishable.
  • Students must possess their ID cards at all times and should be able to produce them whenever requested.
  • Students shall maintain a sense of discipline at all times. Those guilty of misconduct or whose presence threatens the discipline of the college are liable to be expelled.
  • A simple dress code is followed. Boys are expected to be in formal trousers and clean shirts. They are not allowed to wear cargos with multi pockets. Girls are expected to be in salwar kameez. Tight pants and shirts and sleeveless clothes are not allowed.