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 Our History

Smt. R.Anasuya Devi, our founder is a true example of a light that has kindly led, a beacon that has inspired, and a lamp that has spread its gentle beams to brighten lives around education and achievement. Life was not easy for her when she came to Bangalore as a young widow with two children. She educated herself so as to secure a teaching job in a school in North Bangalore. The idea to start a school germinated in her mind when she realized that the middle class families in South Bangalore had to send their children to the Cantonment area for good education.

All she thought of when she started the nursery school, was to provide a home away from home, which had a supportive and stimulating environment. With this in mind, she started our nursery school on a small scale at Tata Silk Farm in the year 1959. It was her belief that every child deserves the very best start in life, and right from the beginning she made it her purpose to provide just that to all the children who entered her school’s doors.

Our school has grown to what it is today because we have never forgotten her noble ideals of fostering strong values, mutual understanding, respect for our culture and high personal endeavour. Our motto is inspired by her wonderful life; to serve whole heart, and brighten the way for others.