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 People Speak

Santhosh says...

As I reflect on my journey that has led me into the realm of a professional career, Kumarans stands out as the institution where I took my first few steps. Besides the quality of education imparted here that speaks for itself even today, it was the repertoire of extra curricular activities offered to us, students which played a huge role in shaping our personality. I shall always cherish the camaraderie between the students and teachers and feel privileged to have been associated with Kumarans for more than a decade!

Class of 98
Sri Kumaran Children’s Home - CBSE
M.D, M.P.H
University of Texas Health Science Center,
Houston, TX

Mr Srivatsa says...

I truly believe that the hall mark of a “great institution” in this case - the school, is when the child wakes up in the morning and shows excitement and is keen on attending the school.

This is what I have seen of both my children who attend Sri Kumaran Children’s Home- CBSE. I have had a wonderful experience with the school for the past 11 years.

The school has provided them with solid grounding in multiple facets – academics and personal growth. The school has offered good avenues for physical activities including sports. In addition, there are constant opportunities for broadening the children’s horizon through participation in cultural activities, excursions and inter school events. The cultural exchange program is one such example.

The school environment has actively aided the learning process and there have been several instances over the years where my children have been participating in classroom and external projects. The constant feedback and high quality of interaction during the PT meetings ensure that we are completely involved in the development process and support our children as required.

This is also one of the first schools to embrace technology. The experience has been wonderful. Updates on the website, using mobile tools keeps the communication alive….

All in all, Kumarans has offered my children an excellent opportunity for building true values, confidence, self belief and all this I believe are true differentiators as they move forward in life….

I have cherished every moment of my interaction with the various authorities in the school. I would strongly recommend the school to any parent aspiring for all round growth and development of their children. "A school with a great vision"

Mr Srivatsa
Parent of Rahul ( XI) and Rithika (V)

Mr Balakrishna Adiga says...

My son is a student of 10th grade in Sri Kumaran Children’s Home School and has been a student there for past 10 years. We chose this school over many others as we wanted our children to have the most modern education with the firm foundation of our culture and value systems.

The school has been an amazing experience for my son as well as us, his parents. Thanks to the keen insight and initiatives of the teachers in school, we have seen him develop capabilities in areas where we never knew he had the talent. The teachers let the student experiment in multiple activities outside of regular studies without any fear of failure. When he was in 2nd or 3rd standard, someone in school decided to choose him to play a key role in a drama for the annual school day function. After that teachers put in so much of an effort on practice that the drama was an outstanding success. Till then we didn’t even know he could act. I can repeat similar talent discoveries where he developed skills in debating, quizzing, chess, creative writing etc. Thanks to the support provided by the Principal and teachers, my son went on to pass the National Talent Search Examination in his 8th grade. Individual successes are applauded but same is not allowed to get into their head. Failures are not criticized but treated as mere stepping stones in the path of learning.

Other factor which I find unique in this school is the open dialogue between Principal and teachers on one side and parents on the other side. No topic is a taboo. There is continuous feedback about the student’s performance to the parents. This is done through the diary, circulars, parent-teacher meeting and the school portal through My-Lyceum. Same way, any suggestions or complaint by the parent is immediately addressed to. Another refreshing factor is that the school is not elitist.

Another aspect that amazes me is the capabilities of the teachers. Their grasp of the subject they teach as well as method of imparting knowledge is the best we have seen. I have known parents of children in few other schools who, after every test season, nearly always end up fighting with teachers on accuracy of evaluation. We do not recall ever needing to do that in this school.

In my career I have had offers and options to relocate to many other cities as part of career progression. I turned down each of these offers for a simple reason that I didn’t want my son to miss Sri Kumaran. On hindsight, I have absolutely no regrets as what my son has achieved in this school more than compensates what I would have probably lost by not taking the relocation offers. Few more schools like Sri Kumaran, and the world can be a different place.

Mr Balakrishna Adiga
Parent of Abhishek Adiga

Srinivasan Sundararajan says...

As our school enters its 50th year, I thought it would be appropriate to give my perspective as a student of this school, and as a parent.

When I look back at Kumarans as a student

  • It gave me a strong value system, which I cherish
  • It gave me a sense of discipline (thanks to our Founder Mother – R.A. Devi), which has stood me in good stead
  • It gave me the solid academic basics, which has been the foundation of my success.

When I look at Kumarans as a parent (today)

  • It continues to build a strong value system in my children
  • It continues to give the academic basics for my children, with a graduated scale-up and an approach that has evolved.
  • It’s giving them an all-round growth perspective, needed for the current generation.

One thing remains common – I have been proud to sport the tag of a Kumaranite, and my parents were proud that their children grew up in Kumarans; today history repeats again with my children feeling the way I did; and I feeling the way my parents did.

Looking forward to another era of proud Kumaranites, as they scale new heights.

Srinivasan Sundararajan,
Class of 1979
Parent of Leela Sai and Sundarajan