Be a Kumaranite

  1. Begin and end a day with a prayer.
  2. Greet all elders and teachers in class and outside.
  3. Always be dressed in clean and complete uniform.
  4. Always use acceptable language while speaking to others.
  5. Speak softly and politely.
  6. Keep corridors and classrooms clean.
  7. While moving in corridors, walk silently in a straight line following the yellow lines.
  8. Seek permission to enter or leave a classroom.
  9. In the class, maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  10. Complete assignments on time.
  11. Use time and opportunities effectively. Make optimum use of time and opportunities to excel.
  12. Respect people and property.
  13. Eat lunch at the place assigned and make sure that plates taken from the canteen are returned.
  14. Restrict play to the playground. Make sure your actions do not compromise your safety or that of others.
  15. Show concern for others.
  16. Be responsible/ accountable.
  17. Be proud to be a KUMARANITE.