Beyond Classroom

Afterschool sports

Team Coaching - The school has an interesting after school program in sports. This coaching programme is to identify children who are good in various sports and provide them opportunities to be part of the school team. Coaches within and outside the school train the students for various sports and they represent the school in various inter- school games, CBSE cluster meets.

Sports identified for school teams coaching:

  1. Volley ball for both boys and girls
  2. Football for boys
  3. Basketball for both boys and girls
  4. Throw ball for girls

Team coaching is offered to students from classes 5 to 12.Basketball, volley ball and football is taught thrice a week. A well-equipped gymnasium is available for students who are selected for team coaching.

Optional Sports activities

We have sports coaching after school hours for children who cannot be part of the school teams. This is open to children from V to IX only. These sporting activities help children build their endurance and skills required of the game. These activities are available two days a week for some sports and five days a week for some sports.

  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cricket

Skills Enhancement

The school has partnered with resource people from various organizations to impart additional skills to students. These activities are offered to students who stay back according to the schedule chalked out by the school.

Some of the activities are:

Invention Club

The school has partnered with Cloud Mentor to kindle scientific temper in students. Cloud Mentor conducts practical, real life application oriented workshops based on science, technology and engineering for children.

Eco literacy Programme

An ecoliteracy programme that focuses on sustainable development activities at Kumarans for students of classes 8 to 12 is conducted by Reap Benefit, an organization that closely works with organizations to promote innovation in eco literacy. The 90 minute sessions are conducted after school hours and include six interactive sessions in the school and two outdoor sessions.Students who are passionate about knowing more about environment sustainability voluntarily participate in this activity.

Problem solving using Robotics

TICK (Technology, Innovation and Concepts for Kids) Academy focuses on innovative thinking, reasoning and problem solving ability which develop fundamental concepts students learn in class. Students have access to a live lab and an online account for developing a digital portfolio.


Verbattle Club is an association of students in a school sharing common views, objectives and values, aimed at achieving higher goals. Verbattle, an intellectual and leadership platform for children and youth, organizes a unique activity called "Verbattle Club".

Quiz Club

Nexus Consulting, a unique consulting firm in the space of knowledge dissemination and audience engagement has created a “quiz clubs and mentoring” offering for schools with the following objectives:

  • Create and sustain a culture of quizzing in schools across age groups
  • Engaging children in multiple age groups through the medium of quizzing with appropriate and age-group-relevant information
  • Improve general awareness using fun learning techniques that will motivate children to look up interesting information in newspapers, books


Sketching what we see around us and tagging these little nature treasures with their names & their stories, transforms a mere sketchbook into a Journal.

This fascinating art is for anyone naturally inclined towards Nature as journaling with nature can make an excellent hobby! The 'GREENSCRAPS' workshop for Kumaranites is all about observing,exploring, sketching, doodling, collecting information & having fun with nature in the school campus.

Field trips and excursions

Field trips and excursions are conducted for classes I to XII. Primary school children are generally taken to nearby places. Students of the Middle school are taken to amusement parks or Nature trips .Students of class 7 are taken out on field trips that are enjoyable and informative as part of the club activity.

High school children are taken to Art museums as part of art appreciation. Class X students go out on excursions with teachers. Students of classes 11 and 12 visit nearby places like Belur, Halebid for collecting information relevant to the projects they undertake as part of the academic learning.

Outward bound education

Outward Bound is about taking on challenges, meeting the unknown but more importantly it is about learning; learning about yourself and most of all about one’s potential. Children engage in hiking, camping, skiing, mountaineering, wildlife trips, rope courses, aqua sports, caving, jungle craft, cycling and Himalayan safaris.

Besides being a holistic approach to education, the Outward Bound programmes make considerable demands upon child’s intellectual, physical and emotional resources and endurance. Young adventurers learn from each event. They will be expected to attain and uphold on core values of integrity, compassion, excellence, resourcefulness, care of the environment, service to others and the belief in human potential.

Outward bound activities are optional for children to participate. These activities are arranged during weekends and school holidays for the children to participate. Activities are designed for children from Class I to X.

Eco hub

Data on the rich biodiversity of the school campus and studies related to the data is made available to interested students across classes through the Eco Hub.

Creating awareness about our natural resources, socially responsible conservation action and to supplement class room learning is the purpose of the Eco Hub. Inspired by the student, teacher and support staff community, Eco Hub, involves in continuous data collection, off field & on field, experiential learning activities and interaction with likeminded people.