Enrichment Activities give a spurt to the learning skills of a child. The child steps into an area of their interest, where creativity is unfettered. Enrichment activities throw open plenty of opportunities for the students, as a natural extension to their scholastic pursuits. It is this interest that sustains the enthusiasm of students to put their best foot forward, academics or otherwise.

School Magazine

Every year, the Students Editorial Entity of Kumarans (SEEK) brings out a magazine called "Gnanamanthanam". Students across classes are encouraged to submit original works of art, creative writing which include poems and stories, reports .The articles in the magazine also cover all the activities that happened in the school, in that particular year. SEEK team members work closely with the faculty members and bring out an interesting edition at the end of the academic year. Students strive to put in their best efforts and use technology tools to a great extent. “Gnanamanthanam” makes a pleasurable read for all Kumaranites.

The cover page design competition is conducted for children of all classes. A panel of Judges selects the best entries and the best designs are used for the cover page of the school magazine.

Bulletin Boards
  • Bulletin boards are the potpourri of Kumarans. They are informative, entertaining, value based and thus have a holistic approach to the development of children.
  • The house bulletin boards not only enhance the knowledge of children but also bring awareness about significant international days such as world zoo day, friendship day and youth power.
  • Maintaining the Bulletin boards is an enriching experience for both teachers and students as the activities are challenging, develop healthy competitive and team spirit, and motivate contributors to give the best.
  • House bulletin boards play a pivotal role by inculcating in children space and time management as they have to display the matter in the given space and allotted time.
  • Bulletin boards not only add to the décor of the school but also become the measuring rod of achievement and excellence of everyone who is a part of the school. They also stand proudly as an index of school vision.

Guest lectures

What exercise is to the body, knowledge is to the mind. Just as variety and festivity adds spice to our routines, guest lecturers give a new dimension to a Kumaranites hands-on learning experience.

Guest lectures serve a two-fold purpose. They supplement information and at the same time, break monotony. Frequent guest lectures are conducted by experts in various fields ranging from personality and culture enrichment, adolescent education, career counseling, and academic subjects. These guest lectures expose children to the outside world and their interactive nature equips them to face the challenges of the dynamic environment.

To highlight some, we have had lectures on nutrition from a dietician, dental hygiene from a dentist and real time trading in the stock-market from a hard-core investor. These sessions have transformed text book matter into real life experiences.

Many of our guest lecturers are from our parent community. This enriches the bonding between the school, students and parents to a greater extent.

Cover Page Design Competitions

The school encourages and provides opportunities to children to hone their creative talents. Apart from the art and craft classes and sending them for various activities outside school, the school believes in encouraging the artistic talents of children. Each year, we have a cover page design competition where children right from Class I to XII can give collages, pencil sketches or colour sketches for the notebooks and workbooks. We try to choose design across classes and they appear in the books ordered for the next academic year. Children genuinely feel thrilled and elated to see their drawings on the notebooks used by their friends.