Exhibitions provide ample opportunities for students to understand a topic in depth and present it in an engaging manner to a well informed audience.

IT Fair

The IT Fair , an annual event, is conducted for students of classes 4 to 12.Students display the projects they have done in school to parents and peers .Technology based quiz, videos made by students, presentation on well known IT Personalities and IT Companies ,posters, infotainment add excitement to the event. Students and parents look forward to this event every year.

Science Exhibition

Students learn best by doing what they have learnt. Investigatory projects, scientific recording of observations,interactive science projects are some of the activities displayed during the science exhibition.

Social Science Exhibition

Showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the country, having stalls with cuisine from different states,highlighting traditional ways of living, folk music and dance provide a visual treat to the audience.

Students Editorial Entity of Kumarans – SEEK

The SEEK team students are chosen carefully by teachers.Apart from bringing out the school magazine,the SEEK team organizes an interschool event. Planning the event, inviting other schools, conducting competitions is done by students. The school principal and teachers guide and support the students at every stage. Planning includes designing brochures, deciding on the number and type of competitions. Conducting the SEEK event brings out the best event managerial skills in students and provides a platform to interact with many school children in the city.