Library - A world of information and knowledge ……..

The fully automated library covers a wide spectrum of written word with over 20,350 books ranging from Arts and Culture, English, Hindi, Kannada as languages, Literature and fiction and Social Science, History, Science, IT, and Personality Development. Periodicals (national and international), newspapers, CD’s, DVD’s, maps and charts find pride of place along with the books in the library. The collection caters to the needs of curriculum and information needs of the teachers and the children.

Every class has one library period per week and the teachers and students are free to take books for extended reading.

The school follows the five laws of library science laid down by the 'the father of library science in India' Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. He stated that books are for use, every reader has his/her book, every book has its reader, that a library must save the time of the reader and that a library is a growing organism. These laws are in use in the library with the Open Access System. The students and teachers have accessibility to the racks and collections are developed and updated constantly keeping in mind the interests of all library users.

Various activities such as writing book reviews, book talk, worksheets based on stories for primary children are major library attractions. Students are given appreciation certificates for good reading and writing best book reviews.

Reading Day Programmes, World Literacy Day and Book Fair are major library events conducted during the year enhancing the reading interests of the students and the mentors.

The Library functions with the user friendly package “PupilPod” by which the user can view the catalogue and the list of books pending in his/her account. The package also helps the user to search for a particular title and its placement in the library.