Assessment In Senior Secondary School

The CBSE Board conducts the annual examinations in the month of March at the end of Class 12. The students doing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Accountancy have theory and practical examinations and practical examinations are conducted in the school with an external examiner. The school awards grades, which are sent to CBSE for other subjects like General Studies, Work Experience and Physical and Health Education.

Assessment is first and foremost a process - it involves seeking data that might shed light on students' achievement, analyzing and interpreting this data and finally making judgments about the quality of learning by evaluating the evidence in the light of standards.

Familiar practices will need to be examined afresh to see whether the students stand up to the claims made for themselves – tests that are conducted on weekly basis includes the following criterion – understanding, knowledge, application and skill.

Two tests a week totals up to two tests per subject a month. Each test is for 20 marks. An average of all the tests in each subject is given at the end of the term. In addition to weekly tests, term exams are conducted :

Class XI – 3 term exams per year (Theory and Practicals)
Class XII – 2 term exams per year (Theory and Practicals) and two Pre-board exams with both theory and Practicals.

Practical Records are assessed on a weekly basis during Practical classes and also during practical examinations. Projects done by the children are assessed during the practical examination. Viva voce is conducted based on the experiments that are carried out by the students and also based on the projects taken up by them.

The school believes that learning gaps needs to be identified to make progress. Thus the school conducts revision classes and re-teaches concepts for more clarity on a regular basis to reiterate concepts learnt.