Social Service

'Kind words and good deeds are eternal, you never know where their influence will end’ This is the motto on which our social service wing, ‘SPANDANA’ is established. We believe that happiness finds you if you respond to the needs of others and give your best.

Activities of this wing vary from spending quality time with senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged and ailing people. Students organize temple visits, birthday celebrations, and exchange programmes for these groups of people.

Children also render their service in some NGOs(non-governmental organizations). On an individual level, students collect books, toys, clothes, or a fistful of rice everyday from their houses to be distributed among the needy. They also help raise funds by selling delicious home-made dishes and by selling hand-made artifacts.

What children learn in the process is to organize their time, improve their skills and also to tap their talents. They go with the idea of serving the underprivileged but they come back with the feeling that they are the privileged ones. While interacting with senior citizens children have learnt that young people need old people’s love, respect and knowledge of life and that old people need the love, respect and strength of young people. Thus our children are enlightened and enriched by sharing and caring.


“True happiness lies not in receiving but in giving.” This is law of Nature – Try it out.