After School Enrichment

The school is conducting various after school activities for the benefit of the children.

1. Reap Benefit Program- Classes VIII to X

This program is conducted by Reap Benefit, an organization that closely works with organizations to promote innovation in eco literacy.

Reap Benefit Program:

  • Engages the head, heart & mind of students in solving everyday environment problems of waste, water& energy
  • Involved in behavioural change process of unconsciously wrong to consciously wrong to consciously right and finally consciously right
  1. Develop a sense of empathy and become a CHANGE MAKER
  2. Measurable impact
  3. Develop problem solving Skills and innovations and connect it with the existing curriculum.

2. D‘Talk by Mr. Deepak Justin- Classes VIII to X

A Backdrop
Communication is of utmost importance to individuals in any walk of life. The "Book of Lists" rates the fear of public speaking as the most dreaded fear (the #1 fear).

How D’Talk can help

D'TALK is a program designed to help you develop Presentation skills.

  • This would be a highly interactive programme with a lot of exercises from time tested manuals
  • The programme would cover as many facets of communication which include
  • How to overcome nervousness when facing audiences
  • How to gain in confidence

3. Green Scraps Workshop-Open to students of classes VII to X

Green Scraps, the Nature Journaling workshop is all about observing, exploring, sketching, doodling, engaging and connecting with the natural world. The workshop is bound by many activities that will help to fine-tune one's observation skills, record stories and capture sketches while out in the field. Falling into a rhythm of maintaining a nature journal, can be fun and quite insightful! An unexpected delight, respect and responsibility towards nature is bound to creep over you!

4. Quiz and Knowledge Workshop – class V to IX

The Quiz and Knowledge Workshop after-school program is designed to create and sustain a culture of quizzing. Through a series of modules covering a wide range of topics from the world around us, the workshop will improve general awareness through fun learning techniques. The workshop will be delivered by a facilitator from Nexus.

The workshop Contains specially designed modules with age-appropriate information Will introduce participants to famous people, events, ideas and more Will be highly interactive, and will have audio-visual aids built in Is designed to bring children in touch both with history, and through explanation of culture and other influences also give them a perspective of how things are in the modern world.

5. Sustainability and us: Connect the dots -Open to students of class VI to VIII

A school engagement programme designed by The Alternative
The objective of the initiative will be to engage the students on the subject of rural India. The initiative will be designed in a way where students actively engage and understand the innovations in the rural areas and are able to appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities in rural India today.

6. Become a Junior Inventor by Cloud Mentor for classes IV to VII

About Cloud Mentor :
Cloud Mentor is a pioneer incubation platform for children in the age group of 6-18 years.

Cloud Mentor's vision and mission is to create the inventors of tomorrow by nurturing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in today's children. We seek to achieve this objective with our huge content base of hands-on activities and engaging theory explanations.

Inventors’ Club – Become a Junior Inventor! :
Inventing means creating something new. Inventions change the way we live and make our lives easier, better and more comfortable.

The methodology followed will be completely hands-on with students working with industrial grade tools and material. They will experiment to understand the concept first and then apply the knowledge in building a working model. The emphasis will be on them becoming collaborative problem-solvers like engineers in the real world. They will take home the working models built by them.

7. Financial Literacy

This workshop is designed for IX and X students. This workshop is not necessarily meant for students who intend to take up Economics or Accounts as electives and pursue higher degree in Finance at a later point in time. This workshop would also help the children take up the National Financial literacy Assessment test supported by NCEF, RBI, NISM.This workshop aims to provide knowledge to students about basics of Finance and Savings.