Career Counseling

A trained career counselor will guide students mainly in the areas of: self understanding, understanding the world of work, developing career alternatives and career preparation.

Class X students are given an aptitude test conducted by the Promise Foundation. Completed tests are sent to their centre for scoring and report generation.

Career reports are sent back to the careers co-coordinators who have been trained to interpret each report in individual sessions with participants. Specific focus is brought to bear on skills for helping the student link personal interests and aptitudes with career options.

Careers Day

To expose our high school students to different careers we also organize a ‘Careers day’ on our school campus. We have many volunteers, including our ex-students and parents who are in different and interesting professions come and interact with students and give valuable insights into the chosen profession.

There are new possibilities coming up in every field and this has opened up a whole new line of professions and careers. The careers our students will get into haven’t been even invented today!