The Student Counselor’s role is to support emotional development of students and help in resolving some issues which the student might be experiencing in school.

Having to meet a Counselor is no indication of a psychological problem.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone who can be non -judgmental, and someone who is confidential and is willing to listen. This is the basic methodology of student counseling. Addressing emotional issues timely is important, as emotional difficulties manifest into performance reducing behavior and attitudes.

Counseling involves liaising between parents, teachers and students. Our counselor is also involved in various activities of the school as this helps in rapport-building with the students and the follow-up, which helps in observing any change in the student.

Occasionally, she will also have interactive class-room sessions with the middle school and high school students to discuss issues and ideate. This happens in an informal setting where students can open up and talk freely. She gives feed back to the teachers based on the classroom discussions.

Personal counseling is provided for self referred, referred students and the rest of the school community. Students are free to come individually or as group to resolve issues.

The school based intervention provides an experience that will strengthen a child’s coping abilities to counter environmental stress and have a sense of belongingness to a supportive school community.