Enrichment Programme for teachers

At Kumarans , we strive to achieve academic excellence by providing a congenial learning environment that goes beyond the realms of textbooks and classrooms by using different strategies of learning thus making teaching and learning more meaningful. Keeping this in mind various enrichment programs are designed for our teachers. The teachers regularly attend workshops and have been immensely benefitted by it.

Workshops provide an insight into constructive theory of learning and enables the teachers to explore and use activities. It is a tool for creating professional learning communities and helps the teachers to keep abreast of the latest in the field of teaching and learning. It strengthens their teaching capabilities and acquaints them with new ideas and developments and helps them gain more subject knowledge.

The details of workshops attended by our teachers are as below:

Sl NoDateTopic
12.4.15Nature Journaling Workshop
26.4.15Workshop on Dance
36.4.15Theater in Environment Education by Bangalore Little Theatre
47.4.15Workshop on Art
58.4.15Workshop and Concert for Teachers on Sant Kabir
58.4.15Yoga Workshop
528.5.15Workshop for science teachers- Towards active Learning