The March Of The Green Army

In the beginning of the academic year 2008, a group of ten year olds from of class six came up with an idea of conserving our beautiful earth adapting various measures. Their concern for the surrounding we all live in, their zeal, their spirit and the commitment to the cause they were involved in acted as an impetus in the formation of Green Army. In consultation with some enthusiastic teachers, the army planned their action plan to execute their ideas.

All the campaigns of the army are meant to create awareness among the students about the ill-effects of non-biodegradable substances and pollution and suggest methods to be eco-friendly.

Their maiden project, "No Car Day" was in the month of June 2008. Through speeches and posters, the students tried to create awareness among the public to reduce pollution, by not using their car for a day.

The next campaign in September 2008 was to sensitize the people to opt for eco-friendly 'Clay Ganesha'. The movement proved to be a great success as many parents and teachers were initiated into the drive to make our festivals more eco-friendly.

In October 2008, with Diwali around the corner, the soldiers of the army spread awareness among their schoolmates on the ill-effects of bursting crackers and requested them to refrain from doing so.

In January 2009, the green army campaigned against the usage of plastic. As a substitute for plastic, they showed how natural materials like jute, paper and cloth can be used in our day-to-day life. They also showed how 'yellu-bella' in Sankranthi festival can be distributed by using paper/cloth bags.

The initiative taken up by the Green Army students has been infectious and has caught the imagination of the student community and with such projects, there is no doubt that the future citizens of the world can live in a pollution-free environment.