Hobby Clubs

Hobby Club Activities 2017-2018

'If a man has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know.'

In accordance with the above adage, Kumarans for the last few years has a dedicated hobby club programme for Classes IV to IX . The main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity for the students to locate and pursue their interests under dedicated professionals in that particular field. The hobby clubs provide various enriching experiences which help the students to broaden their horizons.

The Hobby Clubs are conducted every Tuesday for an hour (for Std VI, VIII & IX) and every Friday (for Std IV & V). Children have on an average about 22 classes a year. The school expects the students to choose a different activity each year to widen their interests. The Hobby Clubs ensure the all round development of students by enhancing their knowledge and skill. The activities of the clubs throughout the year culminate with a 'Hobby Club Day' where students are given an opportunity to showcase their talents.

The following Hobby Club activities are offered to the students for this academic year :

Classes IV & V
Sl no Club Description
1 Art and Craft To teach some simple crafts, drawing, sketching etc. Emphasis given to enhance the creativity of the students.
2 Music Club To enhance the range of vocal cords and to develop a sense of rhythm and coordination of ragas.
3 Pottery Club Students will be trained to make exquisite pieces of art using clay. Children will learn to do etching work,wall hangings,trays,and dishes and photo frames. The hobby class will help them to a large extent in improving their finger dexterity
4 Karate Club Students are taught the basic skills of the martial art - its kicks, punches, blocks & other fitness exercises.
5 Yoga Club Helps in physical fitness and to increase the concentration.
6 Dance Club Children are taught Classical and Contemporary Dance forms.
7 Nature Club The students in this club will explore the wide & varied environment under the guidance of Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla of Woody Adventures. Various topics ranging from alternate energy, futuristic lifestyle to practical conservation of immediate environment will be dealt with. Researchers from various fields will also share information on inquisitive topics such as ants, sparrow, butterflies etc. The children will explore these topics through multimedia presentation; model making, practical field trips.

Classes VI , VIII and IX
Sl no Club Description
1 Theatre Club Students are guided to develop self-expression and communication skills. All aspects of theatre from production to staging of a play are also on the agenda of this group.
2 Science Club Students are exposed to various activities in science and gain hands- on experience with materials used in everyday life and develop scientific temper.
3 Cookery Club SStudents are introduced to the art of cooking. They get a hands on experience of cooking by trying out simple recipes.
4 French Club French Club aims at imparting basic communication skills in French for everyday situations. The focus will be mainly on speaking skills in French.
5 Art Club Visual communication, creative visualization, print making, basic and advanced calligraphy and typography along with application of art for various media are imparted.
6 Aero Modelling Students learn to use drawing and mind mapping skills to make blueprints and produce soft wood models of gliders.
7 Ship Modelling Students learn to use drawing and mind mapping skills to make blueprints and produce soft wood models of ships.
8 Quiz Focus on using quizzing and other intelligent concepts to make information absorption fun and engaging for students. Students will learn techniques to assimilate information and to intelligently work out answers in future quizzes.
9 Western Dance Students are trained to express their spirit and personality through modern Western Dance.