Come August 15 and the colours saffron green and white dominate the landscape. Independence Day at Kumarans, in Mallasandra, is a joint celebration by the ICSE and CBSE streams. Students and members of the Staff stood at attention awaiting the hoisting of the National Flag. Mrs. Jayasree Ramesh, Principal of the ICSE Stream hoisted the flag resulting in a shower of floral petals descending on to the assembly. The Indian Tricolor fluttered in the breeze and every heart swelled with pride and joy and everybody sang the National Anthem in unison.

The students of both streams presented various cultural programmes that highlighted the themes of patriotism, freedom and independence. Melodious songs in different Indian languages, energetic and graceful dances in traditional and contemporary styles were the highlights of the day.

Thus the Independence Day celebrations inspired us all to be better citizens and remember the contribution of our leaders during the Freedom Struggle. Patriotism was indeed at its peak!