"The true measure of a leader is not how many followers he has, but how many people he serves."

The school elections and subsequent installation of the elected student leaders bears true testimony to the democratic environment that pervades the institution. After the nomination and hectic canvassing by the aspirants, the day of the elections dawned. The atmosphere at school was charged with excitement and expectation. Students from classes 6 to 10 exercised their franchise by casting their votes.

The announcement of the results amid jubilant cheers of the victors and their supporters was just a prelude to the huge responsibility that was then formally handed over in the solemn investiture. The installation ceremony of the newly elected leaders was held on June 21st ,2017. The school choir rendered the invocation and the gathering was formally welcomed.

Samyam Narayan and Vaishali Ranbir Rathi were sworn in the Head Boy and Head Girl. Akash Nair the assistant Head Boy and Ahalya Sanjay Krishna , the assistant Head Girl were also sworn in.

The following house captains and vice captains took a solemn oath to put in their best:

EMERALD Ashwin Mandoth Medha Koppam Rakshit Nadageri Aarya Pradeep
RUBY Aakarsh Vinay Rachitha Suresh Akash Giridhar Laasya Suren
SAPPHIRE Darpan Sunil Rachitha Surya Adarsh Bipin Nair Chavi S Jain
TOPAZ Tushar M Potdar Arpita Kota Shreyas Gowda Shamita Jaggumantri

The responsibility and honour of leading the SEEK Committee and bringing out the annual school magazine,Gnanamanthanam, was handed over to Rachita Murthy and Neha N of class 10. Chinmaya Venkatesh and Srinidhi B S were sworn in as associate editors.

Priya N and Sai Shruthi of class 10 were sworn in as the Art Editors.

Akarsh Anil Kumar and Adhya C Sharma of class 10 were sworn in as the Sports Captains.

Mrs. Jayasree Ramesh, the Principal of our School administered the oath of office to all the students of the School council. With her eloquent words she reminded all the student leaders that with great power comes great responsibility and urged them to put in their best with integrity. She also reminded the rest of the students that it was their duty to follow their elected leaders in all sincerity.

The leaders eagerly took up the initiative to prove the truth of the saying, "A true leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."