The Junior Kalakumbh was fun-filled. Oh, we love the hustle-bustle of Kalakumbh.

The much awaited Kalakumbh got off to a colorful   start with  the Rangoli competition. Skillful fingers tracing intricate patterns, the school floor came alive with vibrant colours.

The young chefs  from 6th and 7th standard displayed exemplary culinary skills to tickle the taste buds! The heady aroma of the inventive cuisine kept the judges busy- not to mention the students waiting for tit-bits.

The finalists of  Quiz were an enthusiastic lot and showed immense grit and presence of mind  while  answering the tricky questions thrown at them. It was a keenly fought contest where their  gray skills were put to test.

The photo-frame event framed the creative DNA of the students of class 6. The dazzling finished products took our breath away for their  sheer innovation.

The Game Designing event was a game-changer and showcased  the computing capabilities.  

Our school firmly believes that each and every language has its place under  the sun. To encourage our linguistic diversity, there were contests in Hindi creative writing, Kannada and Sanskrit memory test.

The excitement continued through the second day. The day began  on a  celebratory note. The Bard said “All the World’s a Stage” and our feisty dancers amply proved this, dancing on twinkle toes. Their sequinned costumes caught the arch lights in a perfect rainbow of colours. 

Every nook and corner of the country was represented by the Folk Music contestants. Rustic beads and earthy  tunes had all of us tapping our feet in rhythm. 

The participants of the Dumb Charades both English and Hindi were in perfect sync with each other. Telepathy is probably the best description of this event. 

All the students of  class 7 showcased their story telling skills in the Kannada story telling event.

Samskritam is  a perfect  language. The melodious dialogue, ‘Vartalaap’, rekindled our national pride with this ancient, mystical language.

Can air be trapped in paper? No? Yes...a resounding yes. The oriental styled Handfans were proof of this seemingly contradictory statement. 

The debate continued...words, words and more words! But we didn’t tire off listening to so many words. The budding lawyers battled it out on the topic about Gandhian principles and whether Technology was spoiling us.

Of demagogues and declamations! We had our very own Malalas and Modis!

What a spectacular way to end this year’s Junior  Kalakumbh!


Kalakumbh is synonymous with enthusiasm and creativity. It is a Crème Brulee and with each spoon of it, something exciting occurs, with little bursts of joy.

This year’s Kalakumbh began with the Group Dance. The packed auditorium cheered with enthusiasm. Expected to depict the greatness of “Mother”, each dancer thrived in her character and each of them made the audience’s expectation look trivial with the array of rhythmic steps that they boasted. The scintillating stage came to life and the spectators went back with a different perspective.

Next event was the Quiz. The well informed participants were busy looking for hints in the question and also did arithmetic to make sure the risk/reward factor was worth. Finally the Long Visual Connect had the teams browsing through their Gray Cells and the auditorium was filled with energy.

Following the Quiz was the Sanskrit Drama, where teams enacted plays related to social causes. Each team had a different cause to depict and with confident dialogues  each team got their message across the table.

The Web Designing event was a blockbuster, with teams trying to type complex codes because in today’s age the IT Sector is booming and these teams tried to use logic and algorithms to develop a website by clicking the mouse keys and keypads at a fast pace.

The Kannada Poetry Recitation was a runaway success where the participants rendered  a beautifully scripted Kannada poem and each participant set a higher benchmark for the next.

The Lampshade making witnessed clever and elaborate lampshades that added color and a different dimension to  light. The  delicate  and decorative patterns gave those lanterns a  whole new luminescence.

The Hindi Antakshari was a delight with teams that brought back memories with Hindi songs from the Eighties and others singing newly released albums. Each team’s performance was exceptionally good and a sense of nostalgia was around.

Next was the Hindi Drama where the actors lived their character and showed no signs of anxiety and made the audience have a hearty laugh with witty dialogues. The teams subtly included social causes that delivered a message.

On the second day aspiring chefs trying to emulate MasterChef were asked to prepare  the quintessential Indian Street Food, the Chaat. They  indulged in preparing a dish that had tangy flavors and  a quick nutritional punch. They plated their food astutely with subtle garnishes. Intelligent plating and short bursts of flavors made the judges smile. 

The Rangoli is a typical and ingenious Indian art form. Most participants although inexperienced  came up with some brilliant patterns and designs that were like stardust and the floor became vibrant and expressive.

The English Debate followed and pitted team mates against each other and soon the participants were involved in an intense debate with each countering the former’s point with a concrete one, only to be shattered by his team mate’s.

The Science Jam tested whether the participants spoke unwaveringly and also their knowledge about science in general. The participants, who were involved in this intense event, went back educated about the paradoxes of science.

The Alpha Numerica was an event that has been conceptualized to test the participants on solving Sudoku and Crossword puzzles and also made the teams  put on  their thinking caps .  

Like Mark Antony pulled out his trump card-  the Will of Julius Caesar, the final event was the Street Play. The teams internalized  their characters, and spoke eloquently  and sensitized the audience about various social issues and after each team enacted, a befitting applause followed.  Thus Kalakumbh – the potpourri of talent brought out the best in all the participants. Three cheers to it, Hurrah!