“By reading a man does as it were antedate his life and make himself contemporary with past ages”. - Jeremy Collier.

Our Library is a full-fledged,open access system.It boasts a wide and varied collection of books – ranging from Fiction, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Languages, Physical Education, Philosophy, Education, Psychology and Religion.

The library is a hub of all school activities. ‘World Reading Day’ is an event looked forward to by students and teachers alike. Students of primary classes by the librarian eagerly look forward to and enjoy the story narration by the librarian.‘Never Ending Stories’ is a game of solving a puzzle and completing a story which is an activity conducted for children of primary classes that enriches their vocabulary,their phonetic skills, and increases their capacity for sentence formation and creative skills.

Every class has one library period per week. Books can be borrowed by children from Standard I to Standard X.When books are returned, students are expected to submit book reviews as well Book reviews are given by the students when the books are returned by them. These reviews help in to improve the student’s vocabulary, build his/her confidence and motivate others to read the books recommended by their classmates.

However, with the collection of media other than books for storing information, the library is also now a repository and access point for maps, prints, or other documents and works of art on various storage media such as audio tapes, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, and DVDs.

Total collection of books – 6477
Fiction – 665
Reference – 1427
Religion – 451
Biographies – 308
Science – 221
Junior Library – 717
Languages - 649
Others - 1739

Teachers frequent the library for ready information from periodicals, dailies and books alike.

The great Indian Information scientist Dr. S R Ranganathan invented faceted classification for libraries. He formulated the Five Laws of Library Science These laws are:

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every reader his [or her] book.
  3. Every book its reader.
  4. Save the time of the User.
  5. The library is a growing organism.

These Laws comprehensively by have been followed in full spirit in the library.

Book fairs are held in the school to widen the horizon of the students. These book fairs provide exposure to literature books from all countries and help the students to choose age appropriate titles. Along with the Book Fairs, various competitions are conducted for students of all classes - ranging from Book-Mark Making, Designing a Book Cover, Drawing and Painting on selected topics etc. which provide an outlet for their creativity and talents. Students are encouraged to participate in these competitions wholeheartedly and the winners are awarded prizes.

Students of Classes 4 to 9 also participate in the annual Writing Awards Competition in the categories of short story writing and non-fiction prose in English.Outstanding original works by students have bagged coveted honours.

A selected list of books appropriate to the level of the class was assigned to the students of Classes 4 to 9. The students of these classes borrowed books from the library from the selected list and presented Book Reviews in the class which were linked to their Projects in English and evaluated for the same.