National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)

National talent Search Examination (NTSE) is held both at State and National Levels at Class X. The examination is conducted in two parts, GMAT (General Mental Ability Tests) and SAT (Scholastic Ability Tests). Candidates who have qualified at the State level receive a scholarship for a period of two years from Karnataka State Students Welfare Fund. Students who qualify at the National Level receive a regular scholarship from NCERT throughout their education and as a value addition. We provide training with the help of teachers and other professionals in the field. Each year we have a good number of students qualifying at national level and receiving regular scholarships. Participation in this exam is not mandatory Entry level is 10th standard. Examinations will be conducted at two levels.
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The school conducts a preliminary test and children are selected for training by the school on the basis of these scores. Children who are not selected for training are not denied the opportunity and are allowed to take these tests on their own.