Continuous Assessment System

Our little children of the Junior section are too small and tender to take the pressure of examination, so Kumarans naturally wants these students of Junior classes to be free from stress-related problems and enjoy coming to school.

The school follows an informal system of Continuous Assessment where there is no formal examination system and the child’s performance in written class-work, assignment, worksheets, classroom discussion, participating in the activities are observed throughout the academic year and grades are allotted in the assessment report for skills in Number Work, English, Environmental Studies, Second Language, Games, Art and Craft, Classroom participation and Co-curricular activities. The minimum grade awarded is ‘B’ which indicates that the child needs a little guidance to improve and it is done through remedial work and ‘ Ex’ is awarded to a child who has done exceptionally well.

Worksheets are given once in two months and review is done twice a month in every subject and the evaluated worksheets and review books are periodically sent home with positive remarks to boost the morale of the students. Great effort is taken to avoid negative remarks in the worksheets.

The school focuses and observes not only academics but also gives emphasis to the child’s personality development. A “Student Personality Profile” is also maintained where the teacher’s observation of the child in emotional development, social development, class room behavior, personal habits, food habits, special abilities, health and hygiene are recorded.

Appreciation cards- At the end of the year appreciation cards are given to the well deserving children in different categories like- good speller, good handwriting, good creative writing, good behaviour etc.

This informal system of continuous assessment has been designed in accordance with our integrated approach to education.