Resource Facility

Resource room is a separate classroom in the school staffed by Special Education teachers.

They are teachers trained to work with children with learning difficulties.

The learning difficulties encompasses the following:

  • Oral and written expression
  • Reading
  • Math concepts
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening skills
  • Copying from black board
  • Hand writing
  • Attention

Children with learning difficulties in one or more of the above mentioned areas are included in the resource room based on teacher’s feedback and an informal screening by the special educators in the resource room.

The outcome of the screening is discussed with the parents and consent is taken for inclusion into the resource room.

How does the resource room work?

The resource room functions on the principle of inclusion model where , he/she is pulled out during the lighter period of the day’s time table.

( yoga drawing, music, library, shloka, pottery are the lighter periods )

The child’s preference to miss the light period is given importance.

Individual needs are supported in the resource room and are defined by student Individualised educational program( IEP) which is discussed with parents and reviewed periodically.

The resource room teachers work closely with the child’s regular classroom teachers and the parents to ensure support is indeed helping the student to reach their full potential.

The resource help( eg: reading out questions, monitoring their levels of attention to carry out task on hand till completion ) is also extended to the children during their periodic reviews and worksheets.

This academic year the resource teachers have tailor made a reading program for class 1 children. The objective being , to help children become fast and fluent readers and develop general reading as a habit.