Upper Primary Curriculum

The school emphasizes on activity based instruction. “Students learn by doing”- active participation of students in learning process is encouraged, thereby enabling students to take up the major responsibility of learning. This promotes self -learning and helps students become self-reliant.
The school uses instructional media, which creates readiness in students, providing clarity, precision and accuracy in processing information. In order to create visual images which help in retention of learnt concepts, project work , models, assignments, newspaper cuttings, etc are effectively used.

Subjects taught

Classes Subjects
IV,V Classes - I Language, II Language, III Language, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Environmental Education, Computer Education.
VI,VII,VIII I Language(Paper I & II), II Language, III Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Education.

Language Pattern

I language- English (Compulsory) – for all classes
III language is introduced in class IV and is studied upto class VIII
Classes IV, V II Language- Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit*
III Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada.
Class VI II Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada
III Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada.
Classes VII, VIII II Language- Hindi /Sanskrit/Kannada
III Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada.