Enrichment Activities


Art is a gift which comes from nature and gives the human beings self satisfaction, confidence and motivation. The field of Art is too vast. The visual art plays significant role where children learn new skills and express their feelings through various Medias of art.

To inculcate appreciation for arts in children, Art and Craft has been made compulsory subject where children are free to express their own ideas using various materials. This helps them to improve in concentration, memory skill and neatness.

Drawing, painting, collage making, pottery will not only improve their skill of art but also give them the opportunity to interact with nature and the cultural heritage.

As a part of co-curricular activities various competitions like collage, hand painting, puppet making, mask making, poster making etc., are conducted and are judged. Children of classes VIII & IX design the cover page of notebooks and school magazine.

During hobby classes the students interested in Art & Craft are made to work with different materials and the finished works are displayed for an exhibition at the end of the academic year.

Hobby classes

To bring about an all round development in a child, activities involving development in emotional and mental capabilities are very essential. We have a number of hobby clubs to enhance these quotients in the mental makeup of children. Professionals holding high level skills are conducting hobby classes for our children in various areas chosen by them at the beginning of every academic year.

The following hobby classes are conducted:

For class IV

  1. Karate
  2. Light music
  3. Art & Craft

For classes VI – IX
  1. Cookery
  2. Theatre
  3. Sports club
  4. Dance
  5. Light music
  6. Clay modelling
  7. Nature club
  8. Aero modelling
  9. Art & Craft
  10. Robotics
  11. Electronics

Robotics and Electronics are exclusively for VIII and IX standards.

The culmination of the learning process is showcased at the end of the academic year when every resource person organizes a final display.

Life Skills

An educational degree alone cannot guarantee success for an individual in life. In addition to it what is required is a personality that will enable an individual to handle various situations in life. The program on life skills being conducted in Sri Kumaran Children's Home is a definite step in this direction. We have a very focused life skill program called EQUBE for classes IV onwards and we partner with Arpitha Associates for the curriculum and its transaction.