Resource Facility:

“I am a child
I have come into your world
About which I know nothing
You hold in your hand my destiny
You determine largely
Whether I shall succeed or fail
Teach me, I pray you,
That I may be a blessing to the World.”

A pioneering effort was started way back in 1984 by Kumaran Group of schools to help children with learning difficulties

The resource facility is a unique service provided to assist children with specific learning difficulties and socio –emotional behavior issues. Trained special educators cater to the special education needs and emotional needs of these children. The special educators identify the children and plan remedial program for them. The remedial sessions are held during the school hours and on Saturdays. Parent counseling and student counseling are integral part of this facility.

“If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we teach the child the way the child can learn”


Interaction and training
  • Teachers are encouraged to attend a number of workshops in order to keep abreast of the latest development with regard to class management, teaching methodology and interaction with children and parents.
  • Resource persons are invited to school to enlighten our teachers about the various aspects of teaching at the nursery level on the basis of present day requirements.
  • In service training is provided to teachers in order to orient them to the various aspects of teaching.
  • Class teachers are given guidelines so that children with special education needs are helped in the classroom too. Home-based programs are also planned in order to reinforce their learning at home.


Parent Teacher Meeting

We have always believed interaction with parents regularly helps to encourage and accelerate the child’s progress in our school system .We work in conjunction with parents so that there is proper co-ordination between the teachers and the parents. In view of this, parent –teacher meetings are held once in two months. Parents are allotted time slots so that they have the unique opportunity to discuss personally and privately the progress of children.


Software Support

The School Information Management System is an online platform called Pupil Pod developed by Thoughtnet.

PupilPod School Connect:

School Connect is a technology solution that helps schools improve sophistication in administration and interaction with parents. It aims to help teachers and staff to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

The user friendly features of this software include

  • Online registration for new parents for admission
  • Important announcements related to school events are available on the web. Refer to www.pupilpod.kumarans.org
  • Educational applications like assessment reports, online report cards
  • Administrative and operational applications like student and parent data, transport, online payment of fees, online merchandise, survey forms for parents and school calendar.
  • Interaction and collaboration applications like messages, emails, alerts, online circulars, survey form for parents


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