Mrs. Deepa Sridhar

Director - Academics

Sri Kumaran Group of Educational Institutions

Mrs. Deepa Sridhar, a progressive leader and visionary, is the current Director of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home Educational Council

“Our aspirations are our possibilities” ~ Robert Browning

“A human soul without education is like a marble in a quarry which shows none of its inherent qualities until the skill of a polisher makes its surface smooth and shiny and shows every colour that runs through the body of it.” ~ Joseph Addison

In our schools, both the student and the teacher are polishers. Students strive hard to maximize their potential, one that is further honed by the adept and caring teacher. The school firmly believes that whatever our students aim for is ultimately within their reach, but the teacher is the mentor and guide to hold the beacon that lights their path.

Sri Kumaran Children’s Home is a reputed institution in the south of Bangalore, which, with its roots firmly in the ground has now spread its wings in ever widening horizons, initiating new changes and consolidating the new with the old. The stature of the Kumaran group of Institutions today with its spectacular number of students and teachers belies its humble beginnings from a single bedroom rented house in Tata Silk Farm. It is a saga of the indomitable courage and fortitude that our Founder Mother Smt. R.A. Devi showed when she traversed a calamitous road to establish this institution. The wondrous success of our students even today bears testimony to her vision, her persistence and her wisdom. Her life story remains an inspiration for the young and the old alike.

After the demise of our Founder Mother, her daughter, Mrs Meenakshi Balakrishnan carried forward her legacy in true spirit and intent. Her grit, sophisticated simplicity, and determination to persevere through even the most trying circumstances catapulted the schools to greater heights.

The baton of the school is now passed on for the second time, and I believe that despite streams of adaptations, a world of innovations and necessary changes, despite new expectations and challenges, we have still upheld the core values of the schools – humility, integrity and honesty.

Over all these years, the Kumarans group has remained heavily invested in character building of our students, an integral aspect without which we believe education is incomplete. Our focus has always been on instilling positive values that stand assailed today – values of mutual respect, empathy and integrity. Thus, even as we reward curricular and extra- curricular success, we also make ample efforts to recognise and appreciate good behaviour and discipline. We believe that the moral compass in every child needs honing and we teach them that the inner discipline in everything they do is far more endurable and significant than enforced discipline.

Our children have soared into far and wide horizons, traversed much-worn paths and created new territories both in this country and abroad but we have always believed in keeping a low profile of our achievements. Our standing testimonials are our satisfied parents and cheerful children, not merely an algorithm of numbers and we are ever thankful to our growing parent community for being supportive. The cornerstone behind the warm nurturing environment we provide to every child is the honest and transparent communication that we enjoy with each parent. We respect individual differences and honestly believe that the uniqueness of every child demands a unique approach which is a culmination of the unified efforts of both the parent and the teacher.

The school encourages children from different socio-economic backgrounds and strives to provide the best opportunities in education, sports and co-curricular activities that an average middle-class parent can afford. We consciously design activities that foster necessary skills – whether they pertain to academic, interpersonal, social or communication areas.

And above all, we empower them to face the inevitable challenges of the new millennium, while reminding them constantly for the need to remain humane too. Although we would not like to be called an “elitist school”, we work hard to make everyone elite in different spheres of life.

However, the rapid changes all around us demand that we continue to search for innovation and improvement in various areas like delivery of lessons, curriculum planning, integration of technology etc. These pandemic times more than any other have served to show the whole world that even the darkest of times can lead to positive growth, unforeseen advancements and revolutionary thoughts. For us too it has been a time of immense professional and personal growth. Kumarans is a happy blend of formal and non formal education, that has, till date, survived many challenges but there are miles to go and always ample room for improvement.

Happy Learning!!