Kumaran - The Place To Be

Sri Kumaran Group of Institution's journey began with just three students at the single-bedroom home of our Founder Mother, Smt. R. Anasuya Devi, in 1959. Since then it has stood the test of time and grown to become a thriving group of institutes.

Holistic Development
At Kumarans, we believe that a comprehensive education will help our students grow into well-rounded individuals. Academics and co-curricular activities are maintained in a delicate balance. From the time they enter our nursery section until they leave school, we seek to instil cultural and literary sensibilities as well as leadership skills in our pupils. This is accomplished through a variety of activities and programmes that are part of our school's calendar. Students help each other, reach out to others, and aid instructors in learning leadership skills by maintaining order in the classroom and corridors, as well as on the field.
Contemporary Education
While the school has existed for over six decades, we believe in keeping up to date with the times through the continuous professional development of teachers. We adapt to new educational trends by regularly introducing new learning practices and teaching methods
We continue to be relevant in today's world while maintaining our Indian values. We’re constantly updating our own knowledge to efficiently adapt to progress.
Dedicated Teachers and Management
We have a team of qualified and enthusiastic teachers and facilitators who are dedicated to developing young pupils into self-assured and responsible young adults. To keep up with the changing needs of education, our teachers attend several pieces of training and workshops. We value collaboration, therefore, teachers, parents, and the school work together to bring out the best in each student.
Inclusive Education
Since 1985, when we first established our first resource room to assist children with learning needs, we have been committed to providing inclusive education. Through the resource room, we provide children with learning tools, and applicable skills, to meet the expected levels of learning outcomes.
Enduring Excellence
We have a strong legacy of 63 years in education with a glorious history of phenomenal growth, a flourishing present, and a unique perceptive vision for the future. The Sri Kumaran Group of Institutions has been helmed by three generations of remarkable women, and has withstood the test of time with great triumph. Our alumni are living proof of the high-quality education we aspire to provide and the life-long values we instill in our students. At the Kumarans, we have consistently provided excellent education while keeping our fees affordable.
Pioneers in Integrating Technology
We have been pioneers in integrating technology to enhance the experiences of students, parents, teachers, and the management. Everything you need is online, be it registrations for prospective students, admissions or the payment of fees. The school records the scholastic progress of students through digital dossiers and digital marks cards. All our communications to parents and students are through online circulars. Parents are also encouraged to communicate digitally through satisfaction surveys and monthly feedback forms. Even the elections for the Student Council are held online.
Sustainable Development
Not just online communication, we have also tried to be sustainable through our GREEN initiative. Under this, we also now print our question papers on recycled paper. We have scientific waste management for schools outside city limits through which we manage our waste responsibly. This in turn helps our students learn how to make sustainable choices.